If you follow the blogging or internet marketing niche you know that there are tons of blogs out there publishing content that focuses on this audience.

Some of these bloggers have actually made money, and others haven’t.

Some use a lot of hype, and others don’t.

When you’re trying to learn how you can actually go about making money online it’s a challenge to know who you should listen to. With that in mind, I’d like to point out 10 bloggers that I follow and admire. I admire them for different reasons, but in general they all treat their readers with respect and place a priority on providing the highest quality content possible.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Matthew Barby

Matthew BarbyMatthew Barby is the man behind Find My Blog Way. This is neither the largest nor the most active blog (about 1 post per week recently), but the content is outstanding. There are no filler posts, just good, useful posts. As an example, see the recenly published Strategic Content Creation for Link Building.

Matthew’s social media profiles: Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Pat Flynn

Pat FlynnMost of you are probably very familiar with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, and if you’re not, you should change that right away. Pat is well-known and respected, in part because of his transparency and honesty. Each month he publishes his income breakdown so you can see where his $50,000+ per month is coming from. Pat has a great story about how he got started in the world of internet marketing following a layoff. With the type of information that he shares and the way he connects to readers you’ll feel like you know Pat personally just by following his blog (which happens to be an excellent example about how to build a loyal following).

Pat’s social media profiles: Google+, Twitter, Facebook

Adam Connell

Adam ConnellAdam Connell runs Blogging Wizard and works for Linkology. Blogging Wizard is an active blog and is full of useful, practical posts. For example, see one of Adam’s posts from last month, How to Market a Blog from Scratch and Get Massive Growth. I find Blogging Wizard to be a great inclusion in my RSS reader and I recommend that other blogs check it out.

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Adam’s social media profiles: Google+, Twitter, Facebook

Jaime Tardy

TardyHave you ever come across a website and thought to yourself, “Wow, that’s a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?” I’m sure you have, it happens to me about once a week, and one of those times was when I came across Eventual Millionaire. Jaime Tardy is the woman behind Eventual Millionaire. She is the one who actually did have this great idea, and she also took action on the idea. Each week Jaime posts a video interview with a different millionaire. They come from a variety of industries, and each one has unique experiences, expertise, and background. It’s a great way to get valuable insight from highly successful people.

Jaime’s social media profiles: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Tom Ewer

Tom EwerTom Ewer runs Leaving Work Behind, and he’s also served as a freelance writer for many other blogs. Tom left his full-time job in 2011 and has been working online since. If you’re interested in learning more about freelance blogging you should check out his course Paid to Blog. At Leaving Work Behind Tom covers a variety of topics related to freelancing and working online. His posts cover relevant topics and include practical, applicable information, and the comments section is quite active too.

Tom’s social media profiles: Google+, Twitter, Facebook

Kristi Hines

Kristi HinesKristi Hines runs Kikolani, and she also writes for a number of popular blogs including Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, Unbounce, and others. At Kikolani you’ll find some great blogging and business tips, and you can also find Kristi’s posts from across the internet, which includes plenty of content to keep you busy for quite a while. Kristi is an expert at blog promotion and I highly recommend that you follow her work.

Kristi’s social media profiles: Google+, Twitter, Facebook

Ramsay Taplin

TaplinRamsay Taplin runs Blog Tyrant and I’ve been following him for about 2 years since he revealed his identity at ViperChill (prior to that we wrote anonymously as the Blog Tyrant). Ramsay doesn’t post very frequently at Blog Tyrant, but it’s definitely quality over quantity. One of my favorite things about Ramsay is his interaction with readers through the comments on his post. All of his posts attract a lot of comments, and he’s very active at responding and engaging with his readers.

Ramsay’s social media profiles: Google+, Twitter, Facebook

Jon Morrow

Jon MorrowJon Morrow runs Boost Blog Traffic and he’s also the associate editor of Copyblogger. Boost Blog Traffic is one of my favorite blogs and if you’re not following it already I recommend that you check it out now. There is only about one post per week, but the quality is very high. Jon is an outstanding writer, in terms of both the body of a blog post and the headline. He has accomplished an amazing amount over the past several years, and that is despite the fact that he is unable to move from the neck down. Read Jon’s personal story and you’ll be inspired to accomplish a lot more.

Jon’s social media profiles: Google+, Twitter, Facebook

Jon Haver

Jon HaverAt Authority Website Income Jon Haver shares a wealth of information about SEO and internet marketing. Jon reveals a lot about his process of creating private blog networks for link building, finding and buying expired domains, outsourcing, building traffic, and making money online. One of the things I appreciate about Jon is that he shares content that is different and stands out from other blogs in the niche.

Jon’s social media profiles: Google+

Spencer Haws

Spencer HawsSpener Haws is the man behind Niche Pursuits, as well as the popular keyword research tool Long Tail Pro, and the niche site training course, Long Tail Classroom. I purchased Long Tail Pro a few years ago, and while I don’t do a ton of keyword research I have found it to be an excellent tool. I also purchased Long Tail Classroom and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about making money from niche websites. Over the years I purchased at least 4 different courses on niche sites and Long Tail Classroom is the best one that I’ve tried. At Niche Pursuits Spencer publishes case studies, interviews, and all kinds of helpful content related to making money with niche websites.

Spencer’s social media profiles: Twitter, Facebook