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What People Are Saying About ProfitBlitz:

Adam Connell“Marc is a rare internet marketer, he tells it like it is, delivers incredible value and has the experience to help you earn more money online.”
– Adam Connell, founder of

Henry Jones“There are a handful of people that I credit with helping me get started in blogging and entrepreneurship, and Marc is, without a doubt, at the top of the list. His knowledge and advice has been invaluable in helping me achieve such a high level of success.”
– Henry Jones, founder of Web Design Ledger and Theme Trust

John Shaver“Over and over again, I’ve seen Marc quickly and efficiently build popular, profitable blogs from scratch. I was jealous and wanted to know his secrets. Now he’s giving them away for free and I finally do!”
– John Shaver, founder of Design PanoplyMyDesignDeals, and Photoshop Video Academy

Jock Purtle“I have known Marc to be a successful entrepreneur that has sold two online businesses totaling $550,000. You can trust his advice when it comes to profitable blogging.”
– Jock Purtle, owner of