The dream of bloggers is to make visitors stay longer on their blogs enjoying and sharing content. Unfortunately, to most bloggers, that remains only a dream with studies showing that about 55 percent of blog visitors spend only 15 seconds or less on a page. Therefore, if you have only been focusing on visitor count, you have not been seeing the whole picture of your blog. When visitors stay longer in your blog, they are more likely to subscribe, buy and share your content on their social media resulting in greater engagement and success. Sadly, most bloggers focus on attracting new traffic to their blogs and forget what really makes a blog successful, the reader engagement. If your traffic is bouncing immediately it visits a page, you may need to review your SEO basics. Getting the basics of your SEO strategy right is the secret to creating a highly engaging blog with a high percentage of repeat traffic.

Strategies that will make your traffic stay longer on your blog

Have a better understanding of your audience

Probably, the reason why your blog seems to have a high bouncing rate is because the blog does not fit what your audience needs. This can be caused by getting the basics of your blog SEO wrong for your target group or by attracting the wrong traffic. If your target group is young families and your marketing strategies are attracting college students, your blog is likely to have a high bouncing rate. Equally, if your target group is people in their 50s but your blog has colors and content structure ideal for young people, your blog will also have a high bouncing rate. Therefore, getting to know your audience better will help you get the structure of your website and your marketing strategy right reducing the bouncing rate.

Focus on the appearance of your content

Your blog could be having highly informative content for your audience but if the appearance is not attractive, most people will not read it. Before most people can read content, they have to first like the way it looks. Content that looks well thought off and organized will keep readers longer in your blog and thus, it is important you have a clear post style for your blog. Some of the things you should put into account when developing your post style include font, color scheme, link design, dividers, arrangements, pictures and icons.

Create engaging content

When creating your content, you should ensure that it is helpful to your audience. There are several ways you can choose to engage your content ranging from asking questions to sharing stories and solving problems. In some occasions, you can choose to use all three techniques to increase the engagement of your traffic.

Improving reader engagement is paramount to the success of your blog but it is one of the most difficult strategies to get right as it basically depends on every aspect of your blog. Actually, it is possible to have the right engaging content and structure but still have a high bouncing rate because of other aspects of your blog. Therefore, in addition to having the right engagement content, you should also make sure that your blog has faster load times and it is optimized for all users include mobile users.

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