25 of the Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing

25 of the Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing

One of the most effective and most popular ways to make money online is affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer you will probably be managing several different websites and promoting multiple affiliate products, which can become quite cumbersome to manage. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent WordPress plugins that affiliate marketers can use to accomplish different things that will help to save time and make more money.

In this post I’ll feature 25 different affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress users. These plugins cover a wide variety of functionality, so please browse through the collection and I think you’ll find at least a few that can help you in one way or another. Some of them are free and others must be purchased. Basic pricing information is included in all of the descriptions below, but please click through to the site of the seller for more details.

Keyword Cannibalization: What Is It And How Can We Avoid It?

Keyword cannibalization is a situation where your website maintains multiple pages that target the same keyword or topic. This occurs mainly due to content management system (CMS) problems, but it could also be intentional. When you use the same keywords on multiple pages, SEO can be impacted negatively. This is because all the pages with the keywords will be competing with each other to appear on search results, and this gives search engines a hard time identifying which page has the highest authority for a certain keyword.

Easy Options for Selling Your Own Digital Products

Easy Options for Selling Your Own Digital Products

Selling your digital products is one of the best ways to monetize a website or blog. I’ve been selling digital products for about 4 years now, and I highly recommend it to other bloggers who want to take their income to the next level.

The thought of creating and selling digital products can be pretty intimidating if you have never done it before, but the technical details can actually be quite simple. There are a number of e-commerce options for those who simply want to sell a few digital products, and choosing the right platform is an important decision.

In this article I want to highlight several options that can help you to sell your own digital products without requiring much time or effort on your part to handle to details of e-commerce and product delivery. And since the checkout pages aren’t hosted on your site you won’t need to worry about security and protecting customer data, like credit card numbers.

The options featured in this article are perfect for bloggers and owners of small websites who just want a no-hassle way to sell an e-book or any other type of downloadable product. These platforms are great for their simplicity. They are not necessarily appropriate for larger shops that want to sell hundreds or thousands of different products, but if you’re looking for a simple way to sell one product or a few different products, this is probably the route you will want to go.

10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Old Blog Posts

10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Old Blog Posts

If you’re like most bloggers you probably publish at least one new post per week on average. Maybe you publish a new post every day, or possibly even several posts per day.

Most bloggers focus on using new posts to attract traffic, readers, and subscribers. As a result, the posts in the archives get very little attention or interest from the blogger. With new content being published all the time, it doesn’t take very long for your blog’s archives to become loaded with older posts.

The typical blog post will draw traffic for a few days after it has been published, and then it will fade into the background and rarely be seen again. If you have quality content in your archives it is well worth a little bit of effort to make sure that those posts still have an impact for months, and possibly even years to come.

The archives of a blog can be a very valuable resource if used effectively. In this article we’ll take a look at some different things that you can do to get more life out of the posts in your archives, and several of these things can be done fairly easily and quickly.

40 Awesome Case Studies for Bloggers and Internet Marketers

40 Awesome Case Studies for Bloggers and Internet Marketers

One of the biggest challenges in internet marketing is knowing where to focus and how to use your available time, effort, and money for maximum impact. There are countless different ways that you can go about making money online or promoting your website or blog.

The problem is that there are so many possibilities and ideas that most people tend to bounce from one to the next before ever having success. In order to succeed you’ll need to focus long enough to put in the necessary effort and time for any approach to work.

What I love about detailed case studies is that you can see the steps taken by someone else, and what they were able to achieve with their approach. Staying focused in your own work can be a lot easier when you are basing your steps off of a plan laid out by someone else, when you can see that the plan worked for them.

In this post I’ve collected a wide variety of cases studies from different blogs that I think will be very interested and practical for you. Browse through the case studies listed here and I’m sure you’ll find something that you can put into practice to improve your own business or website.

7 Keys to Establishing Your Authority as a Blogger

7 Keys to Establishing Your Authority as a Blogger

One of the essential elements to blogging success that I’m sure you’ve heard or read about countless times is the need to establish your reputation in your niche or industry, and to become recognized as an authority.

We all know that a strong reputation and authority can take your blog to another level, but how can you go about gaining authority?

Here are seven keys that you can focus on if you want to build authority within your industry or niche.

Email Marketing Toolbox: 60+ Resources for Email Marketers

Email Marketing Toolbox: 60+ Resources for Email Marketers

Email marketing is a critical part of doing business and making money online. If you’re not already focusing on growing your list, you should make it a priority today. And if you’re already building a list, being able to make even a small increase in conversion rates can have a dramatic impact on the growth of your list and its effectiveness.

With an established email list you’ll be able to stay in close contact with your most loyal followers, offer valuable information and content to them, promote your products and services, and generate traffic to your website or blog. As countless websites and blogs have experienced crushing drops in search engine traffic due to Google’s algorithm changes and updates, growing a mailing list is increasingly important for the long-term stability of your business.

In this post you’ll find links to a wide variety of resources, tools, and articles that can help you in your own email marketing efforts.

Affiliate Marketing vs. Selling Your Own Products. Which is Better?

If you want to sell products from your website or blog you will be faced with the decision of creating your own products to sell or acting as an affiliate to promote other people’s products. Both provide excellent opportunities, but there are some unique pros and cons that should be considered. In this article we’ll take a look at these pros and cons, and hopefully this can help you to decide which path is right for you.

Tips & Tricks to Improve YouTube Statistics

Do you feel disappointed by your number of YouTube views? Would you like to be ranked high in YouTube search results? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Numerous businesses and firms create YouTube videos to promote their products, services, and overall image. As a matter of fact, research suggests that more than 82% of people use YouTube as a promotional tool. This is because they believe it has a positive impact on their business. And you know what? It’s true that YouTube can boost your brand’s recognition to unimaginably high levels. But how exactly can you increase YouTube views, shares and search statistics? Here are a few pointers to borrow to improve YouTube metrics.

7 Awesome Google Search Queries for Finding Link Building Opportunities

Regardless of what type of website you have or how you want to monetize it, getting links from other websites and blogs is critical if you want to build consistent, stable traffic. Links are often desired for their impact on search engine rankings, but the right links can also drive a lot of click through visitors and help to increase your exposure.

While publishing great content may help you to attract some links, you’ll probably need to be proactive in order to really do an effective job at getting quality links. This is especially true if your website or blog is new or does not already have an established audience.

A big part of link building success involves finding the right opportunities, and doing it efficiently. Link building can easily take up huge amounts of time, so finding ways to do it faster is important.