20+ Awesome Pinterest Resources for Bloggers and Marketers

20+ Awesome Pinterest Resources for Bloggers and MarketersAlthough Pinterest may not get as much attention from marketers as Twitter and Facebook it is a massively popular social network that provides endless potential for anyone looking to reach a larger audience for their brand or website.

Pinterest is an extremely visual network, so it can be especially effective if you’re in an industry like photography, travel, arts & crafts, food, and fashion. As Pinterest’s popularity has drastically increased it has also become an effective platform for marketers from other industries as well, as long as you take the right approach.

Unlike some other social networks, pins to your content will often send a consistent flow of traffic for months rather than a just a quick burst that lasts only a few days, and sometimes only a few hours.

I’ve been using Pinterest for about a year with a website in the photography industry and I’ve found it to be a great way to increase website visitors and also to get involved in the community. I was skeptical of Pinterest at first, but now I find it to be more useful and interesting than any other social network.

In this post I want to highlight some of the best tools and resources for Pinterest users. If you’ve been using Pinterest for a while, hopefully you will find a few new resources here that you can start using. And if you’re new to Pinterest please check out some of the resources in the “Resources for Learning More About Pinterest” section of this post.


Viralwoot is a free resource (with some optional upgrades) that allows you to get more exposure for your Pinterest profile and your pins. You’ll earn “seeds” (points) by following other users and re-pinning pins from other users. You can then use those pins to get more followers and pins for yourself.

Viralwoot also has some other useful features like scheduling pins for the future. This is a really great way to space out your pins to increase visibility and avoid having all of your pins together in short bursts. You can also create alerts to let you know when other users are pinning your content, and you can even manage multiple accounts.



Participating in group boards is an extremely effective way to increase your reach and to get more exposure for your pins and attract new followers. The problem is that finding group boards on the right topic/subject can be a time-consuming challenge. Fortunately, PinGroupie can help. PinGroupie is a directory of group boards. You can sort them by category, view the description of the board, and see the number of pins, collaborators, and followers without even leaving PinGroupie. It’s a great resource for quickly identifying the best group boards on your topic.


Board Deck

Like PinGroupie, Board Deck is also a directory of group boards. With Board Deck you’ll need to create an account (free) and log in to see the directory, but once inside you can easily find group boards by topic. You can also see some other info like number of collaborators, pins, and followers.

Board Deck


Loop88 connects brands with influential Pinterest users. If you are looking for more exposure for your products or services you can use Loop88 to find the right Pinterest users to post your sponsored pins. As a Pinterest user, especially if you have a large following or influence, you can get paid to pin certain content. As a user you will receive an offer that you can accept or reject.



A big part of having success with Pinterest is using visually-appealing images that will grab the attention of other users. Pinstamatic allows you to create pinnable images for quotes, customized sticky notes, captioned photos, and more. It’s a great free tool for those times when you need an attractive graphic quickly.


Share As Image

Share As Image is a great resource for creating visually interesting pins. You can install a browser bookmarklet and then turn any image or text into a shareable image that you can pin. You can use images from a website, import from Facebook or Flickr, choose form 30+ fonts, apply image filters, and more. Pro accounts are available as an upgrade of $8 per month. With the Pro account you can create branded images and get access to premium photos and patterns.

Share As Image


Tailwind is a feature-rich marketing and analytics suite of tools for Pinterest users. Tailwind can help you to discover trends, track conversations about your brand, curate content for your followers, and identify influential users. As far as analytics are concerned, you can track growth (followers, repins, likes, and comments), analyze pin performance, benchmark against your competitors, and analyze revenue and traffic with Google Analytics integration. Free accounts with limited features are available, and paid plans start at $149 per month.



Piqora is another feature-rich suite of tools for Pinterest (and also for Tumblr and Instagram). Like Tailwind, Piqora offers more than most bloggers will need, but if you’re managing the social media marketing of a larger brand it can be a great resource.

Piqora offers detailed analytics allowing you to measure revenue-generating pins and pinners. You can benchmark against your competitors, identify trending content, find influencers, and track ROI.

Another major feature of Piqora is the management of promotions, contests, and sweepstakes. You can create customized landing pages for your promotions and embed them in Facebook.


Official Pinterest Resources:

Pinterest has several official resources that can prove to be very useful.

Pinterest for Business

You can convert your personal Pinterest profile to a business account, which gives you some additional features like analytics and rich pins.

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest Widget Builder

With Pinterest’s official widget builder you can easily add widgets and badges to your site to improve your impact on Pinterest. You can create pin it buttons, follow buttons, profile widgets, widgets for a specific pin, and board widgets. Use the widget builder to generate the code and then simply paste the code into your site where you want it to appear (such as a blog post or sidebar).

Pinterest Widget Builder

Resources for Learning More About Pinterest

The blogs are articles listed here are very useful resources for learning more about how to effectively use Pinterest to market your website, blog, or business.

Oh So Pinteresting

Oh So Pinteresting, from Cynthia Sanchez, offers Pinterest business workshops, Pinterest coaching and training, as well as a blog and podcast.

Os So Pinteresting

Pinterest Savvy

Pinterest Savvy, from Melissa Taylor, offers Pinterest classes, a book, Pinterest consulting and management, as well as a blog on all things related to Pinterest.

Pinterest Savvy

40+ Smart Strategies to Grow Your Blog with Pinterest

This blog post by Pauline Cabrera at Twelveskip for anyone wanting to get better results with Pinterest.

Pinterest Tips

17 Pinterest Tips for Social Media Success

This post by Ashley Faulkes at Mad Lemmings provides actionable tips that you can start putting into practice today.

Mad Lemmings


My Top Pinterest Tips

This blog post by Amy Lynn Andrews is an excellent primer that gives you all the basic knowledge you need to start using Pinterest effectively.

Amy Lynn Andrews

WordPress Plugins for Pinterest

WordPress users have access to a number of free plugins that make it easy to add buttons to encourage pins and widgets to get more followers. Here are links to a few of the best Pinterest-related WordPress plugins.

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  1. says

    Hello Marc !

    Nice resources pilation and combination, they are really going to be of help to most of us. I will sure check them out as soon as possible !! Thanks for sharing such a content with us,

    DOK Simon

  2. says

    I absolutely LOVE Pinterest. I receive a huge amount of traffic from it to my party site.

    However I was not aware of a lot of these resources, so I clearly need to spend more time on this. This is certainly a platform not to be overlooked and by utilising these resources I can only see good things happening :-)

    • says

      I’m glad to hear that Pinterest is a great source of traffic for you, and also happy that you found some new resources here. Hopefully some of them will be really useful to you. I just started using Viralwoot myself for scheduling pins.

  3. says

    Hi Marc,

    I have yet to fully embrace Pinterest, but it’s definitely something I plan on doing for Be A Better Blogger soon. Currently, I just pin my latest articles. But I know there is much, much more I could be doing.

    This post looks like a great resource. I’ll be bookmarking it!

    • says

      Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad these resources can help. Yeah, I was hesitant to use Pinterest at first too, but it’s been a good source of traffic for some of my sites.

  4. says

    Hi Marc,

    This is a great resource! I have been getting more into Pinterest for sure. I recently received over 500 pins on my first infographic in just 5 days. That was exciting. It also showed me the true power of Pinterest.

    I have a lot more to learn. I consider the prior beginners luck :)

    Thanks for this. I will bookmark it and refer back for sure.

    Take care Marc!

    • says

      Thanks for your comment Steven. I’m glad to hear that you have already had some success with Pinterest. If a few of the right people pin your stuff it can definitely rack up the pins pretty quickly.

  5. says

    Hey Marc,

    I admit that I’m still not into Pinterest. I think as bloggers and marketers that we have to chose the platforms that we enjoy the most but of course know that our target audience does as well. I just can’t keep up with them all and Pinterest just made me really uneasy in the beginning because of all the issues people had with their images being illegally shared. Knowing that in the beginning no one was really sure whether or not by just freely pinning something that it could come back to bite us too. I just thought I would stay clear of that and then when they finally all blew over I just never got back to using it.

    Thanks for these resources though and I keep telling myself I’m going to spend more time there but I don’t seem to have enough time to spend on the sites I normally do anyway right now.

    Either way I appreciate your resource, thank you so much.


    • says

      I agree with you that we all have to pick the networks that are the best fit. You can’t do a good job of being active everywhere. I really like Pinterest because it is a good fit for 2 of the niches that I work in, and after using the site for a while I’ve really grown to like it.

  6. Linda says

    Great resource! Definitely going to study this as I need to spend more time putting Pinterest to work for me and less time getting lost on it “window shopping”.

  7. says

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for sharing this comprehensive, well detailed article covering Pinterest. Some remarkable tools to look into to further enhance performance. Much appreciated!


  8. says

    Hi Marc,

    I’m a new reader. I discovered your blog via Be A Better Blogger. Thanks for sharing these resources – many of them are new to me.

    I love Pinterest as a user. But I’m on the fence as a business owner and blogger. Yes, it can drive a lot of traffic to my site but I’m not sure it’s traffic that converts. Maybe it depends on your industry. Since it’s such a visual platform I can see why it’s great for photography. What are your thoughts on this?

    PS: I pinned this post!

    • says

      Hi Sally,
      Thanks for commenting, I’m glad to have you as a new reader.

      There are a lot of studies that have been done to compare users of different social networks and how they spend money. Every statistic I have seen indicates that Pinterest users spend more money and buy more products as compared to users of other social networks (here is an interesting article with some facts – http://www.digitalsherpa.com/blog/25-amazing-pinterest-facts/). I think a lot of that has to do with the demographics. Pinterest doesn’t have a majority of users who are teenagers or in their early 20’s, so most Pinterest users actually have some money to spend. So if you are selling a product I would definitely say that the traffic from Pinterest can convert very well with the right approach.

      Like any social network I think you have to take your target audience into consideration. Pinterest is obviously more popular with some audiences than others. I don’t like to spend countless hours on social networking, so I tend to focus on one or two social networks that are the best fit for the audience of whatever site I am working on. If Pinterest is popular with your target audience I would definitely recommend being active there. If you use Viralwoot (mentioned in this article) to schedule pins you have have a very active presence with new pins being added throughout the day while only spending a few minutes setting it up each day.

  9. says

    Hi Marc,

    Nice article. I hope you’ll check out Pin4Ever, my business, and consider it for possible inclusion in a future article. We have created some unique Pinterest tools, such as full backups, bulk editing of pins (being able to move, copy, delete and rearrange pins in one step), bulk upload of images, bulk follow and unfollow, and more. Many of our tools can be sampled with a one week free trial at http://www.pin4ever.com and the Bulk Editing and Pin Anything remain free after that. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  10. Jill says

    Love viralwoot! it is great way to get followers, repins and likes. It is also way Pinterest friendly. Off to check out your other suggestions.

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