SEO is evolving due to the constant changes that are implemented on various search engines like Google. SEO is one of the largest marketing platforms worldwide as it helps to link the marketers and the buyers with ease. There is a need for you as the marketer to keep up with the evolution of this platform if you want to stay on top. If you have been using SEO for a while, then your website should be among the top most searched either in the worldwide or your region. But if it is not the case, chances may be that you are not doing or using the SEO as required.

Here are some common mistakes that the SEO users tend to make in their line of work.

1. Use of the wrong keywords

The keywords that you select to optimize your page play a role in telling the researchers about your website and what you are offering. No matter the kind of keywords you use either long tail or short keywords, they should strictly relate to your site and its content. The researchers are quite sensitive, and they only focus on websites that are straightforward. Meaning the keywords that you choose may say something different to the researchers when in a real sense the content in there is what they are looking for.

2. Wrong material

Once the researcher has found relatable keywords on the search engines, the next thing they do is to click on the link to be directed to the website to gather more information. Well, this is another part where a lot of issues occur. The keywords that you have written should be related to what you have on your webpage. For example, if your keyword is about the best workout routines for toning the abs, the content should be about the exercises for abs and not the best routines for yoga. A customer who visits your page would like to know the tasks that are based on the upper body areas and not the workout routines suitable for flexibility or focusing the entire body.

3. Not including the title and the Meta description

Apart from choosing the right keywords for the sake of the researchers, you also have to include the Meta description and the title for the search engines. The search engines use this information in raking different websites. So, if you have not been able to appear on the first page of Google or even the Homepage SEO – This Is Why You’re Stuck On Page 2 since Google uses these two parts as a bonus for ranking the websites.

4. Lack of proper compatibility and speed in loading

Not having a website that can be accessed via the phone may be another cause of your site not getting traffic and high ranking. Most people use their phones to browse while on the move since it is portable and easy to use from anywhere. Therefore, if your website is only compatible with particular devices like the desktops and so on, this could be the cause as to why you are not getting high ranks. So, invest in a sound web designer to assist you to come up with a mobile user-friendly website such that even a mobile phone can be used to access it.

5. Not using social media for optimization

Social media is a reliable platform that helps people gain more traffic to their website regardless of the nature of the business. By sharing your contents links to your friend on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also LinkedIn, is considered as a form of creating awareness of your business. And if whatever you are providing is of high quality, these friends turn out to be your customers.

If you are experiencing any problems with your SEO website, maybe there is less traffic, or you are not moving in the ranking position, check out if your site has any of the above mistakes. Work with an experienced web designer to help you come up with a well-structured website.

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