Social media apps have seen tremendous growth over the past few years and have become communities into which everyone wants to belong. With this growth has also come a host of opportunities that can be harnessed and turned into a business. Many people are earning on social media by providing services that are helping other businesses. Basically, businesses are hiring influencers to help them reach a wide audience, so you could become one of those who are helping other businesses grow their popularity.

Here are more ways to earn on social media and how to develop your strategy skills.


To grow your channel, you need to stand out from the rest. This can only be achieved through embracing authenticity to ensure your brand is unique and does not share any ideas with another blogger or social media influencer. Your content should be interesting and compelling enough so many people will follow your channel. An authentic strategy will get you genuine followers and could help to grow your popularity quickly.

Offer Value

Although many people on social media are there to have fun and check on their friends, they also want content that gives them value. If you are an influencer, you don’t just sponsor a post for a product and expect warm reception from your audience. You should accompany this post with a review or information that helps to bring to light things about this product that the user should be aware of. Give them a reason to click to see more about the product. Your media kit should offer an aesthetically appealing copy that many people will find irresistible.

Do Affiliate Promotion

After you have built your audience and achieved a sizable following, you could decide to add some links to affiliate sites. However, while doing this you must be cognizant of the fact you will not get the support of many if you will not be creative in the way you push the affiliate links. Your posts should contain 90% content meant for your audience and a small part that mentions the products you are trying to promote. People don’t want to keep seeing advertising content and that could make them to unfollow your channel.

How to improve social media strategy

1.You can create a social media strategy by embracing a few tips as shown.

Encourage customer feedback by giving them a reason to help out. This will create a conversation around your topics and that is good when you are promoting something.

2.Use photo editing tools to produce visually appealing photos.

Don’t just share plan content that does not capture the attention of the user. Photos are a perfect way to capture the attention of users.

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3.Use infographics to generate a buzz and share more information in one photo.

Learn from your leaders. Look at what leading channels are doing to attract engagement and try to improve on your side.

You can earn on social media by setting up a channel that you will build to a community of followers. The first thing you need is to build the channel and to do this you should share content that is interesting and shareable. You should avoid placing adverts on the channel as that will only make your audience to lose interest in your engagement. You have to minimize promotional content and maximize content that attracts engagement.