Instagram is a social networking platform that has taken the world by storm since its launch in 2010.It uses square format photos, videos and filters. It has also recently introduced a feature that runs stories, which appear at the top of the home page on a 24-hour timeline after which they disappear.

Research shows that 71% of businesses in the United States use Instagram and 80% of users follow a business on Instagram. Therefore, your business is better with Instagram marketing.

Here are 20 things you should know about Instagram marketing:

1. Have a strategic bio link – Your profile should summarize your profile to include your professional details or the details of your business so that anyone who looks at it will know your specialty.

2. Utilize trending hashtags – Most hashtags on Instagram represent a specific category of content hence adding hashtags to your posts will enable you to reach a wider audience.

3. Post photos together with videos – Make your timeline versatile so that when people visit your profile they can see a variety of content, which will keep them interested.

4. Provide users with links to your valued content – Your profile has a URL option, which allows you to place links to your website or blog so that they can get comprehensive content.

5. Develop captioned images – You can write inspirational words in the case of a motivational speaking business and place a nice background that complements the statement. This will attract likes and shares.

6. Plan when to post – Because you may have multiple Instagram accounts, you should set aside time that you will be posting on Instagram in order to maintain focus and content quality.

7. Collaborate with people with huge followings – Celebrities have huge followings which translates to a wider audience hence you should use them and their accounts to promote your brand.

8. Pay to get sponsored posts and comments – A wider audience who may be interested in your products so you should collaborate with Instagram to expand your audience sees sponsored posts unlike regular posts. You can also choose to buy Instagram comments to generate traffic on your account.

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9. Incorporate tags – You should promote other businesses like yours so that more people will be aware of your existence by tagging posts from other enterprises.

10. Turn on location to your posts – Research shows that posts that show location spark more interest to users than those without it.

11. Use Instagram stories and live videos – You could capture a moment as it happens like a product launch and attract viewers and posting stories will give you a daily audience.

12. Post on weekends – Most people are on Instagram on weekends because they have spare time hence posting on weekends will guarantee you a large audience.

13. Focus more on photo posts – Research shows that users view photos more than videos hence majority of your posts should be photos.

14. Feature products in your posts – Product photos attract users since they like seeing images that have products.

15. Add faces to your posts – Adding someone or people to your posts generates like since they add life to your photo.

16. Use user generated content – Do not primarily rely on your business page to post content but rather invite users to share your content.

17. Use proper filters – Use filters that highlight your photos and present them clearly like the Clarendon filter which is the most popular.

18. Incorporate emojis in your posts – Emojis lighten up a rather serious mood and make your posts funny and relatable to the younger generation.

19. Understand your demographics – You should post content that is compatible to your target audience in terms of age and gender.

20. Collaborate with international users – Research shows that 70% of Instagram users live outside the United States hence you should collaborate with them for your international brand.

In conclusion, Instagram has approximately 700 million users on a monthly basis and growing daily. Instagram marketing is a great way of increasing awareness and growing your brand, which will enable you, find a wider market for your products.