Consider your domain name as a main asset that helps promote your business. Like any other important asset, you need to take care of it and keep it secure from various malicious activities online. Before, when the internet was new to us, cybersquatting was a problem for even some major businesses online. Cybersquatters, as they were known, would buy domain names that already exist with the purpose of selling it back to them for a profit. Registering, selling, or using a domain trademark name with the intent of extorting money from it is cybersquatting, and is illegal.

The opportunities to do this have diminished over the years, now that people are much more aware of how important it is to secure their domain name. Read on to know more pointers about securing a domain name so your business and domain remain safe.

Reputable server

You might want a name that’s already taken, so make sure you have some other choices. Choose a domain server and see what this domain name service suggests on the availability of the name, domain pricing, etc. Make sure you’re using a reputable domain registrar and one that has been in business for some time. Some servers are corporate registrars and some are retail. You will sometimes need their help, so spend a few extra dollars on a server that will attend to your needs and questions.

Lock the domain name

This is a securityenhancing option you will find on the registration domain server page. This prevents a domain name from being transferred to another registrant or registrar without your permission. It can only be transferred once it’s unlocked. Make sure that if you are the owner of the domain to be registered as a ‘registrant’ and don’t have any third party as a registrant or contact administrative if you can avoid that. Besides using the lock feature, you should know by now the importance of using a strong password. Make your password long. If you’ve had someone else monitoring your site and that person no longer works with you, change your password.

Monitor the expiry date

You need to be on time in paying your monthly or annual fees. When the date passes, you become much more prone and easier prey for others with malice intentions. You can easily opt for an annual fee instead of the monthly hassle of remembering when to pay, and in some servers you can opt for multiple years. The easiest way to lose your domain name is by forgetting to renew it.

Be aware of scam email

You may receive emails asking you to log into your account or giving you links to click for administrative purposes. Do not click on anything and ignore these types of emails or report them to your server. These links could take you to a replica of your website and from there your account details can be stolen.

Safe and Sound

It’s not difficult to protect your domain name these days as long as you follow the advice and use safety enhancement tools provided by the server. By following the steps we’ve provided and always staying on top of new software and updates in general by keeping up to date with your research, you should be in the clear!

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