SEO or Search Engine Optimization is gaining tremendous coverage for the past decade due to the boom of search engine results, especially for Google. Every business that has an online presence in the form of a website wants a piece of the action in the dot-com game by placing itself in the number one spot on the Google search results. For all those people who knew something about SEO, will comply with the fact that SEO is a mystery. It’s quite difficult for a beginner to understand the ranking game and how SEO helps you to enhance traffic into your website.

There a various methods to improve your SEO rating using conventional SEO strategies. According to this article on SEOJet, Homepage SEO Strategy That Works – Don’t Get Stuck On Page 2, Adam White explains that Google expects you to build brand authority on your homepage and not target key phrases aggressively. It’s quite imperative to leave no stone unturned when you are boosting your online presence and increasing traffic for your sites. Let’s learn some amazing strategies that will help you to gain momentous improvements in the domain of Search Engine Optimization.


SEO revolves around Search Engine. Before understanding the technicalities involved in an SEO, let’s understand how Search Engines work. When a user wants to search the web, he does that by querying Search Engine with a particular set of word or words. It’s the job of a search engine to find pages with the user queried term available so that the result is more defined up to the standards for a particular Search Engine. More directed the result means more keyword found in a specific search. Now, let’s understand what does keyword means in terms of SEO.

The keyword is the basis of any SEO. It’s the set of words which tells a website marketing specialist to market a website according to the targeted Keyword, for example, if you are selling shoes for kids through your online store, most probably your keyword selection would be ‘buy kids shoes online’. This long set of keywords is known as a long-tail keyword, which is what we want to explain you as an important SEO strategy to boost up the traffic.

Long Tail Keyword

Every website which has an active domain and hosting is working on its SEO. The older the domain, the stronger he has worked on its SEO. Everyone wants to go to page 1 in Google search results, so competition is fierce. Most importantly, with short tail keywords, it’s almost impossible to even try it in the first time, like online shoes for boys. This is so generic in the search result that only the best SEO based website will show up.

For almost 99% of the brands or domain owners will be working on long tail keyword as their SEO strategy. It involves with the more targeted search which you guarantee that user anywhere in the world will definitely query it. For example, let’s go with the same test case of buy kids shoes online, but now you are selling shoes from Vancouver. Hence, you will modify your keyword with buy shoes for kids online Vancouver. There is more separation between long tail keywords but the concept is the same.


Once the keyword has identified, it’s time to include it in your website. This is officially called the content of your website, which is a cornerstone in successful SEO. If you are thinking to aggressively copy paste with your preferred keyword all over your website, then you may want to hear the next thing coming.

Content Readability

Google or any popular search Engine reads the user time which is spent inside your website. The shorter the time, it means your content needs more work. In the words of Search Analytics its known as bounce rate, which is calculated as a percentage, the higher the bounce rate, the worst it is for you. So the only way possible is to add content which is worth a read. Include the Keyword in your article which is organic and more logical to look at. Besides, creating a website for the user should be your topmost priority, so make sure the content is user-friendly.

Fresh Content

Aggressive content is not advised, but try to add new content in the most schedule way possible. If you want to add a new post every week, or every other day etc is achievable, but make sure that you remain consistent while uploading new content. If your content is well formulated and fresh for some time, you will bound to get better SEO ranking, and eventually to the topmost pages based on your long tail keyword of course.

Internal Linking

New pages are necessary for Google to have more indexing per site, in the same way, link building help your website to create an automated sitemap for your customer inside Google search result. Not only for sitemaps, but link building is one of the important concepts of SEO strategy. It helps you to navigate your customers in return he will stay to your website for a longer period, meaning lower the bounce rate. This strategy will greatly improve your website SEO.

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Going Off-Page

SEO outside your website is also a continuous working which will greatly improve your brand outreach, as well as divert organic traffic from well-defined sources. There are some ways through which you can be engaged with off-page SEO.

Guest Blogging

Unlike your own blogging, if you are writing for someone’s else website, it will be published on their website. All you can do is to mention a single link near your Bio section, which will redirect many users towards your website, organic traffic. The prospect of guest blogging is so vast that you may need an exclusive interview for that.

SEO is tough work, no doubt about that, But it’s not impossible at all. Marketing the right way for a website is the only chance we got to understand the reasoning behind a search engine and increase the traffic movement throughout our country, the continent and finally a city. Once you get a hang with the SEO tactics, it will come much easier for you.