Ever wondered why some websites pester you with quizzes? Like, you’ve had enough quizzes in school to last a lifetime. But the reality is that quizzes are the newest way of lead generation in online marketing. Major brands have tapped into this simple secret with great success. You can also use quizzes to see the traffic to your website soar.

Here is a guide that should help you come up with an effective quiz that will be a lead magnet.

How Use Quizzes as Lead Magnets:

Have Shareable Results

Allowing your visitors to share their results on social media is a great way of online marketing. Visitors will want to inform as many people as they can when they get positive results after doing a quiz. So while honesty is an admirable virtue, it might not serve you well when coming up with results for your quizzes.

Keep Your Visitors Hooked

To make a quiz, your choice of questions is paramount in its effectiveness. You should, therefore, take enough time to come up with the perfect survey questions. Also, add multimedia to your quizzes. While videos and photos are the most popular types of media incorporated in websites, you should try adding gifs to your quizzes which have better results in drawing in audiences than other forms of multimedia.

It is also important to add encouraging phrases in between the questions to keep your audience hooked on the quiz. Think of phrases like, “You are almost done,” or “You are doing great.” Alternatively, you can attach a reward at the conclusion of the quiz such as a free coupon code.

Give Visitors a Reason to Leave Their Contacts

Another way of using quizzes as a lead magnet is using them to build your email list. Here is a great place to include incentives such as free eBooks after one leaves his/her contact information. However, only request for contact information that is relevant. A common example is requesting for one’s email address to receive their results via email.

Choosing the Ideal Quiz

  1. Customize the Quiz Based on Your Audience

To come up with an ideal quiz, you should first analyze your audience. Look at things like the age, sex, educational status, and social preferences to establish what type of audience you have. A quiz that is suitable for high school kids, for example, should be different from the one which is perfect for war veterans.

  1. A Thought-Provoking Title

The title should be interesting yet provoking so it makes a visitor want to try out the quiz. Some of the popular titles that have proven to be successful include the use of celebrities. “What One Direction member are you? Find out using this short quiz,” is just one example.

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Scientific Backing

Human beings love to know how they compare to others. Science has shown that people spend more than 30% of their speech speaking about themselves and their own experiences. There is even a scientific name for it, “The self-serving bias.” This explains why people will take quizzes (even the miserable ones); to assess their abilities vis-à-vis those of others.